Sunday, 26 April 2015

Big Hello to Francesca Baker

'Francesca Baker likes to scribble, about everything. A reader and writer, creator and thinker, when not exploring the wonderful world we live in, she builds her own out of words.'
Her story 'Quiz Date' features in After The Scars - The Second Chances Anthology
Want a sneak peek at Quiz date? ok here you go then
Quiz Date
Starting again isn't an easy thing to do, For Eleanor the life she lived had all been a lie and now she takes the next steps to starting again. When is a date a date? is meeting with Julian's friends the next step in their growing relationship or is it his way of saying "lets be friends"
When the Quiz is over more than one question is answered.
“Where are we going?” Eleanor asked.
“Why do we have to be going anywhere?” Julian softly retorted back in antidote pulling her closer to him; his hands coming up to either side of her face, she welcomed the warm imprint they left on her cheeks. Her breath quickened with anticipation as his lips came to hers. Passion ignited deep inside her.

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