What is the 'Second Chances Anthology'?


The Second Chances Anthology is a very new project brought to you by author's Hazel Robinson and Avery Hart the project is sponsored by Little Bird Publishing House.
We gathered a collection on short romance stories from various authors to create a fantastic anthology filled with stories of renew, heartache and romance.
The 'Second Chances Anthology' isn't just about giving our characters a second chance, its also about giving everyone a second chance..giving those unheard a voice. The anthology project is a charity project with profits going to a chosen charity and in doing this we give others a second chance.
The first anthology to be released (the first of many we hope) titled 'After The Scars' holds stories that will grip you by the heart and tug hard. We don't condone violence is anyway but that been said we live in a world of violence and these stories need to be told.
'After The Scars' is a collection of beautiful stories about what happens when your happy ever after has ended. What do you do when the one you love is taken away from you? how do you move on from a partner hurts you? and can you fix the things that stand in your way?
Over the next week We will be introducing you to each author and their stories....

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